We are excited and proud to launch our new site today!

Malayaka House founder Robert Fleming isn’t a tech guy. He’s not into social media or anything having to do with the internet. He doesn’t even have a cell phone. In today’s world, this might sound crazy…but all of us at Malayaka House are grateful for Robert’s “old school” ways when it comes to technology. Without the distractions of social media and the constant dings of incoming text messages, Robert is free to do what he does best – help people.

All of that being said, a few years ago the rest of us realized that without an online presence, spreading awareness about and raising funds for Malayaka House would be a daunting task. Modern times call for modern measures, so we had a talented web developer create a beautiful site for us, and we set up a Facebook page. Our online presence has been a wonderful, and essential, tool for spreading awareness about our project here in Uganda.

But that site has been up for several years now. And kids grow quickly. About a year ago, we decided to create a new site, with updated pictures of the kids, info about all of our businesses, a blog, more videos and photos, more information about our strong, beautiful, amazing aunties, and with more energy to reflect what life is like at Malayaka House these days. We are excited and proud to launch this new site today! Thank you to Sawabona Creative, who made this a reality. It’s even better than we imagined.

Please browse our new site. You’ll learn a lot about how Malayaka House came to be, our vocational training programs and businesses, and how to become a volunteer. You’ll meet each of our children, the adorable, chubby babies all the way up to our older girls who have finished school, and who earn enough of an income from Malayaka House businesses that they have been able to move out and rent apartments of their own.

Yes, it’s just a website. But because of this website, we are able to share our story with people around the world who would otherwise never know we exist. Please share our new site with your friends and family. If you haven’t already been to Malayaka House, maybe our site will inspire you to visit us. And if you have been, we’re certain it will inspire you to return 🙂


With love,

The entire Malayaka House family

Amy Carst



  1. Steve Keegan 7 years ago 1 July, 2017

    Love the place. Miss everyone there. Hopefully come for a visit soon.

  2. Auntie Sara 7 years ago 2 July, 2017

    Looks great from here! I am sitting with the kids in the library at MH- they are busy reading of course! ❤️


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