Uganda Goes Back on Lockdown

Uganda has been placed on a 42-day lockdown due to an outbreak of a new strain of COVID, the Delta variant. It has been found to be more aggressive and seems to be affecting a larger percentage of the young population. As a result, all of our kids are again home from school, including those who had just returned to boarding school. Upon their arrival, our older kids remained in quarantine for two weeks. That period has finally ended and, as you can see in the pictures, they are extremely happy to be reunited with their brothers and sisters! 

So, it’s back to virtual school for the kids. We are trying to create some fun and engaging projects to get through this monotonous time. Although it’s not easy, they have been through lockdown before, and we will get through this one, too! 

The chaos and devastation that this Covid variant has caused in other parts of the world, such as India, is shocking and hard to fathom. In Uganda, the president’s serious and very quick response will likely help us curb this outbreak in a relatively short period of time. At least that is our hope. Although things on the outside aren’t great, we are all safe, healthy, and happy at Malayaka House (if not a little bored). 

The Ugandan Health Ministry has recently been given $7 million dollars from the Global Fund in order to open several oxygen plants to ensure access to proper and necessary medical equipment. Part of the issue in Uganda, and many other African countries, is a shortage of vaccines. All public transportation in the country has been terminated for the time being, and most businesses are currently shut down as well. If people take the proper precautions and do what is best for their health and the health of others, our beautiful country should be able to re-open in short order. 

Thank you all for your positive thoughts and well wishes. With love from our family to yours!

Amy Carst


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