In 2010 Malayaka House decided to bring to the house a group of 10 girls that were living in another orphanage home notorious for unspeakable abuse and neglect. We had not planned this and it happened because of the situation Robert saw when he got involved trying to help this other home.

For some time they had to share a small room and beds, but since the very first moment they adapted to the house, aunties and the rest of the kids incredible easily and happily. And they became a part of our family.

Sharon was a part of this group of girls, and she was dancing from the very moment she arrived! She is very positive about life in general. Wherever Sharon is, you will find sunshine. Sharon is a little schlemiel and would have some reasons to look down, but she never gives up and uses any mean to be successful.

She is always in a good mood and has the sunniest character. Sharon has a bright personality that naturally spreads happiness to others. Her beautiful smile fills every corner of Malayaka House. She is a passionate singer and dancer, and a fun girl to be with.

Sharon also plays rugby and loves to be a part of the Entebbe Sharks Rugby team. She is very involved with the small community surrounding it, as well. While she might be not the best student in school, she is one of her teachers’ and classmates’ favorites. You simply cannot help but like Sharon.