In 2010 Malayaka House decided to bring to the house a group of 10 girls that were living in another orphanage home notorious for unspeakable abuse and neglect. We had not planned this and it happened because of the situation Robert saw when he got involved trying to help this other home.

For some time they had to share a small room and beds, but since the very first moment they adapted to the house, aunties and the rest of the kids incredible easily and happily. And they became a part of our family.

Shanitah arrived with this group of girls and has been incredibly mature, responsible and trustworthy from the very first day.

She is our shining star in the house. Well-read and intelligent, she presents herself exceptionally well in front of others. She is very ambitious; everything seems to come easily for Shanitah – but this is really because she makes hard work seem effortless. She loves to read and asks millions of questions about everything. Her talent and gift for teaching others is very helpful for everybody in the house who needs some support. Therefore, she is blessed with many friends. Shanitah wants to become a doctor and to have her own orphanage home to give others what she received in life.

She is probably the most responsible girl in the house, and loves to help out with whatever she can, assuming responsibilities and never letting anyone down. She helps the aunties with cleaning, but also with the organization of the house.

She is brilliant in school and absolutely loves it. She studies like no one in the house, and gets the best results and reports. In 2014 they gave her a scholarship because of her good marks…and we could not be more proud.