In June of 2008, three AIDS orphans made the difficult decision to escape from the only home they knew.  Namatovu (16), Naiga (15), and Hakim (10) fled from an orphanage home notorious for unspeakable abuse and neglect.  Malayaka House intervened, worked with authorities, and offered the kids safety, security, and ultimately hope for a better life.

Years after, in 2013, the three of them asked Robert to help their younger sibling, Cheche, that life had left behind living with his grandmother and surviving in the streets of Kampala collecting scraps on the streets.

These are four polite, hard-working, and motivated kids that by no fault of their own have endured far too much.

Namatovu and Naiga are not just sisters but best friends.  They live together, dream together, and currently operate a business together.

Naiga is herself a work of art, and her interests in life mirror that, pivoting around creating beautiful, functional and decorative artwork.  Her role in our cooperative of businesses focuses on bead and jewelry making, sewing, and product development.  In addition to exploring new markets and opportunities she is a brilliantly motivated organizer.  She is magnetic, always surrounded by a circle of kids and aunties, and she knows how to keep their hearts light and hands busy.  This is Naiga’s special world and one day she intends to go to art school to broaden her skills.

From the time of their arrival, the younger children call Naiga “Mama Naiga”: she is motherly, patient, kind, gentle, open, compassionate and best friend to all.

children malaykahouse Naiga