On January 15, 2006 Maggie and Nancy showed up at the Malayaka House gate. Nancy was a woman searching for employment in Entebbe, Maggie was an infant Nancy was struggling to care for, and Robert was looking for another Auntie to assist with his growing family.

Maggie was abandoned at birth.  Her mother disappeared shortly after delivering and her father never showed up.  Even though Nancy had four of her own children living with her family in Northern Uganda, she decided to take on the responsibility of this little girl.

In the beginning it was hard for Maggie to find her place amidst the growing number of sick and struggling children at Malayaka House, but as time passed she became more accepting of her new life and surroundings.

Maggie has always been a highly charged bundle of energy.  When she was little it was not uncommon to find her quite literally bouncing off the walls.  These days Maggie is still full of exuberance and spirit but it is balanced and channeled, and she continues to be the center and superstar of every Malayaka House activity.  We might even call her the life of the party.

Adored by the Aunties and older girls, Maggie has found her rhythm in life.  She is graceful, smooth, and can transition effortlessly between the younger kids, older kids, Aunties, volunteers, school, work, or whatever is put in front of her.  Maggie has always enjoyed being close to the Aunties and whatever it is they are doing, and since their work is endless she has learned how to help with the cooking, cleaning, sweeping, laundry, and taking great care of the little babies.  Likewise our older girls enjoy Maggie’s company and include her in their dancing sessions, beading circles, outings, and secret meetings.

This remarkable young girl has never been sick.  She is the healthiest child at Malayaka House and has been this way from the beginning. Since 2014 she shares a room with Shakira, Mastula and Mary. They all love having their own room and take perfect care of it. They share their small space and are happy together, playing with the rope and the elastic.

Maggie is a wonderful and lovely girl and we are lucky and blessed to have her under our umbrella.

She is in primary school at Entebbe Junior, and although she is not the perfect student, the teachers adore her lively spirit, exuberance and smile. She tries very hard and keeps improving, every day.

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