In 2010 Malayaka House decided to bring to the house a group of 10 girls that were living in another orphanage home notorious for unspeakable abuse and neglect. We had not planned this and it happened because of the situation Robert saw when he got involved trying to help this other home.

For some time they had to share a small room and beds, but since the very first moment they adapted to the house, aunties and the rest of the kids incredible easily and happily. And they became a part of our family.

Juliet was a part of this group of girls. Since the very first moment she arrived, she has showed how powerful and athletic she is. She is talented for sports and loves any sport practice. She is probably the best Rugby player in the house and has already played with the Ugandan Rugby team (under 19).

Juliet loves challenges in life. She needs to be passionate about something to show her best. She has a strong personality and is not easy to handle this sometimes because she is a proud and strong young lady. She learnt very well to stand on her feet and follow her way.

However Juliet is also sweet, responsible, and cares for everyone. She has a bright and honest smile and loves to play with the babies.

She is studying Secondary since February 2015, and although school is not one of her passions, she tries everyday to become a better student putting as much effort as she can.

Juliet will one day, proudly and honestly, represent Uganda’s Rugby all over the world. Go for it, Julie!

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