In June of 2008 the Entebbe Police responded to a call from the community pertaining to a mentally ill and homeless mother with two young children.  The siblings were in poor health, the older of the boys, Didas (roughly 3 years), was found dashing back and forth through dangerous traffic on the Entebbe Kampala highway, and Ishimat (roughly 6 months) was sitting on the side of the road looking sad, dirty, and malnourished.  The police asked Malayaka House to look after the boys until further notice.

Considering these two boys’ unfortunate beginning in life they have proven to be highly resilient.  Besides being underdeveloped and desperate for a safe and loving home, it was not hard for them to adjust to life at Malayaka House.  They quickly found their stride equipped with a healthy diet, loving aunties, many new friends, and a stimulating environment.

Ishmat is unlike his brother in almost every way. Even if one was to study them closely one could hardly imagine they were brothers.  Ishmat is quiet, shy, reserved, cautious, patient, and content being in the middle of the line.  However, this boy has flagged the limelight in a very different way.  His honor is his unconditional sweetness, compassion, and easy-going personality.  He is exceedingly peaceful and pleasant and nobody comes close to Ishmat in this respect.  He steers himself clear of problems and conflict; if someone wants to take what belongs to him, he will set it down and move on to another task.

The nursery teachers at Entebbe Junior School recognized and praised the sturdy and pleasant features of Ishmat almost immediately upon arrival during his first term.  He is smart, consistent, calm, and has a bright and beautiful future before him.

In Novemeber 2014 he graduated from Nursery and started Primary in Pearl of Africa Primary school. He goes to class with Hannah and the teachers cannot be happier with him.

Ishmat is a good boy at school and at home. He has a big heart and cares a lot about others. We are proud of you, Ishmat!