Diego is Jacinta’s son.

Jacinta delivered Elijah Diego, a healthy baby boy, on January 7, 2011.  This little man was a blessing for Malayaka House, as everyone in our family were desperate ready for babies again.  The rest of the boys adopted him as one of their own and were teaching him everything he needed to know.

For years he was the youngest one and the baby, so he got all the attention of the other children and volunteers.

When in September 2014 we started having new babies, Diego was never the little one and that was hard for him to accept, as he was bringing less attention. But he also became, very proud, the older brother of others, and now he teaches the younger ones and is a very loving and responsable brother.

Also in 2014 he started going to school. First day he cried and cried to come back home, but the Aunties were persistent and after some weeks he was enjoying it there, playing with his new friends and getting a sticker almost everyday because of his good behavior.

He graduated Nursery in 2016 and now he goes, together with Mercy and other kids, to Pearl of Africa, where he is a happy kid with a bright and glorious future ahead of him.

We love you, Diego!