In June of 2008 the Entebbe Police responded to a call from the community pertaining to a mentally ill and homeless mother with two young children.  The siblings were in poor health, the older of the boys, Didas (roughly 3 years), was found dashing back and forth through dangerous traffic on the Entebbe Kampala highway, and Ishimat (roughly 6 months) was sitting on the side of the road looking sad, dirty, and malnourished.  The police asked Malayaka House to look after the boys until further notice.

Considering these two boys’ unfortunate beginning in life they have proven to be highly resilient.  Besides being underdeveloped and desperate for a safe and loving home, it was not hard for them to adjust to life at Malayaka House.  They quickly found their stride equipped with a healthy diet, loving aunties, many new friends, and a stimulating environment.

Didas became fast friends with Sally, Bobo, Danny, and the older school-aged children.  He is a boy through and through, and claims the title of our most talented athlete and action hero.  He is obsessed with anything and everything that rolls.  His love and skill for riding bikes is renowned.  Didas can do wheelies, high speed skids, bunny hops, and enjoys building ramps and jumps for him and his little buddies.  This boy raises the bar with everything he does, and the younger kids watch all his amazing tricks intently, often hurting themselves trying to re-create his performance.  No child in the house is more responsible for all the bumps, bruises, and scrapes that we are endlessly treating.

When he first started at the acclaimed Entebbe Junior School his teachers were concerned that this little guy would not be able to catch up to meet their high standards.  But as if he was on a bike or tree swing perfecting a new skill, Didas has surpassed everyone’s expectations.  The teachers are astonished and impressed with how expertly and easily this young man rises to the top.  Quite literally, Didas throws himself head over heels into whatever challenge is before him.

He is studying Secondary and loves going to school. He considers himself smart and it is true that he will be in life whatever he wants to be. He is determined, intelligent and capable.