In 2010 Malayaka House decided to bring to the house a group of 10 girls that were living in another orphanage home notorious for unspeakable abuse and neglect. We had not planned this and it happened because of the situation Robert saw when he got involved trying to help this other home.

For some time they had to share a small room and beds, but since the very first moment they adapted to the house, aunties and the rest of the kids incredible easily and happily. And they became a part of our family.

Christine came from Mercy Home with the rest of the girls. When she first arrived, and actually for years, she has needed time to open up and become the easygoing person that she is today. Life treated her hard for quite some time, and she struggles a lot with trusting people, especially women. But she is doing a lot better and starting to bright like.

She is a lot of fun, but also sensitive, gentle, and kind. Chrissy takes her time, but when she opens up, she gives her whole heart.

Christine is just perfect with the little ones and adores them in a way that is hard to describe. She cares for, plays with, and enjoys every moment with them. We think Christine’s magical relationship with the children is attributed to her sweetness and gentle way, but also to her incredible sense of humor.

School is hard for Christine because of a reading disability. For a long time, she really struggled. However, we have focused on this in 2014 and today she has much more self-confidence and faces her challenges head-on.

Christine also plays Rugby and is a dreaded and downright “scary” Rugby player! She loves it and never misses training. She also likes to teach others.

Those who manage to reach the core of Christine’s personality will get a view into a human full of beautiful contrasts. We love her and are very proud of who she is.