The police called Robert in April of 2015 with a two-year-old malnourished baby that had being abandoned in Entebbe.  He didn’t speak a word of English, nor Luganda. Alex was very scared when he arrived, but also happy to be held by Robert and the many volunteers that were around at the time.

The aunties immediately took over, focusing on Alex’s nutrition, health, and comfort. They made sure he was eating small amounts of nutritious food, at regular intervals throughout the day.

For months, Alex would cry for no apparent reason, becoming agitated when the other kids would try and talk to him or play with him. It took him some time to adjust, but today Alex is a happy, sweet little boy who is adored by everyone in the house. Always needing attention, always kissing and hugging everyone that carries him.

Alex and Georgie are best friends and spend the mornings playing with “motocars” together when the other kids are in school.

Alex started school in February 2017 and he is so happy going there everyday.