In July of 2006, a baby girl was born.  The woman who gave birth to this child, for an unknown reason, carried her newborn to a pit latrine and pushed her through the hole in the floor with the intention of killing the baby.  The hole in the pit latrine floor was not large enough for a baby to fit through, so the child received deep wounds down the left side of her face, back, and chest.

Local villagers quickly realized what had happened and contacted authorities.  A major rescue operation ensued involving the police and fire brigades of Entebbe and Kampala, working together to save the baby they could hear crying in the pit below.  It took them 10 hours to finally reach the baby girl. She was still alive, but just barely.  On the way to the hospital the police contacted Malayaka House.

Achen spent a week in the hospital recovering from her wounds with maggots coming out of every part of her body.  The damage to her left eye was severe and permanent.  Her other injuries healed quickly, and she finally made it to Malayaka House, where she was immediately surrounded by a very large and loving family.

Despite her unimaginable start to life, nothing has slowed Achen down. Her nickname is Scooter and she is perfectly healthy and with all the hope and determination of anyone her age.  In December 2011 she graduated nursery at Entebbe Junior with Malayaka, the triplets, and her other siblings.  She reads, plays, dances, sings, runs faster than anyone, and thrives in every way.

Achen is sweet and sensitive and has many great friendships with the other children.  She enjoys spending time with the Aunties and helping them with their work around the house.

She has taught herself to ride a bike and although it wasn’t easy for her, she never got frustrated or asked for help. Even when she would crash and fall down, she would bounce right back and start again. It is this spirit and focus that makes her unique.  She sees a challenge before her and has so much self-confidence and concentration that failure is not an option.

Scooter is tall, limber, coordinated and the best climber in the house.  She is beautiful, wonderful, special, and adored by all. To see her moving through space is like watching simultaneously a miracle and a masterpiece.

She loves spending time with the babies and carries them everywhere she moves.

In 2019 she finished Primary with good results. She is getting ready for her next step now: Secondary. We are sure she will do great and will be happy wherever she goes and whatever she does in life.

We love you, Achen!