Community outreach


The Malayaka House effect is felt by all who visit from other countries, but we also work to improve the community outside our gate. In order to impact the lives of the hundreds of children we cannot take in, we have partnered with other homes to improve their infrastructure and resources. We have assisted with solar power and rainwater collection systems, and we strive to enhance their children’s nutrition by teaching them sustainable farming methods. We also help them navigate the complicated registration and compliance process all Ugandan orphanage homes need to go through in order to remain operational.


For several years we have been running the Mobile Clinic to offer medical services to our network of children’s homes. We started medical files for each child and gave them a full physical with complete results. Measures were taken for doctors and health personnel to track sickness, disease, infection, and treatments given. We have benefited more than 500 children.


Since 2014 we are focusing in dental health. For this, we are in the process of setting up the Malayaka House Dental Clinic in one of the buildings on the Malayaka House grounds. Two Spanish dentists are running the project, and it will benefit our children as well as anyone else in our local community who wishes to use these services. We will organize dental campaigns for the children in our community and other orphanage homes.