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Malayaka House safaris are in full swing! For those of you who have been to Malayaka House, you know that our goal is to – one day – fully sustain the cost of running our home with income generated from in-house businesses. We have a long way to go, but we are making more progress than ever! In addition to a mozzarella cheese making business, pizza restaurant, culinary center, IT department, craft business, and permaculture farm and fish hatchery, Malayaka House launched its very own safari business in 2015! Our inaugural journey took place that May, when we took a group of 12 from Vermont’s Champlain College to Murchison Falls National Park. Aside from a few thieving baboons, our first safari was a great success!

Since then, we have taken more than a dozen groups on safari to Uganda’s majestic national parks. We’ve seen countless elephants, giraffes, lions, and even rhinos. We’ve created an incredible vocational training opportunity for some of our older kids who are taking an interest in the safari and tourism industry (which happens to be the #1 industry in Uganda). And we’ve begun generating a bit of income for this ever-growing family of ours!

Earlier this year, a group of builders from the US donated their time to building a safari lodge on a lakeside piece of land we own in one of Uganda’s most popular safari regions. They worked day in and day out for three months…and the results are spectacular! In addition to leading safari groups, we now have the ability to provide lodging accommodations, and food and drink for our guests. Malayaka House Safaris may be the best business idea we’ve ever had. It’s certainly the most fun!

Contact Amy at info@malayakahouse.com if you are interested in taking a unique, affordable safari that benefits 44 of the coolest kids on the planet!

Amy Carst

Amy Carst


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