Malayaka House (Coronavirus Update)

We just wanted to post an update and let everyone know how Malayaka House is handling this pandemic. Fortunately, our compound is set up perfectly to “weather the storm,” with multiple play and learning areas, a library and tech lab, two newly-renovated kitchens to feed our large family, and a small onsite farm to grow and raise much of our own food. We realize how fortunate we are, and we are grateful every day for our friends and family who have helped make it all possible.

Over the years, as we raised funds for necessary building projects, medical initiatives, organic farming, and educational resources to create a self-sufficient community in which our kids can learn and thrive, we never imagined how these resources might help us during a global pandemic. But as it turns out, our efforts have paid off ten-fold. Our kids can continue their education, eat healthy food, and run/play/read/bake/learn (have tons of fun) in a safe and loving environment.

In addition to our own efforts, the Ugandan government has also really come through for its people during this pandemic. With donations pouring in from politicians and local business owners, Uganda created a Task Force to set about delivering food and other essential items to its most vulnerable populations. We commend them for their kindness, compassion, and generosity during this unprecedented time.

Having a big family can be tough from time to time, but one thing is for certain–if you’re a kid and you’ve got to be stuck inside for weeks or months, it’s a lot more fun if you have 40+ brothers and sisters to be stuck with. Our kids haven’t missed a beat!

To all of our friends, family, and loved ones around the world. Stay safe and healthy. We love you.

Amy Carst


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