The reasons for so many children without parents in Uganda are as varied as the children themselves, but poverty and disease are two major factors. Seeing our children grow leads us naturally to consider what will happen to them once they reach adulthood. We feel that the first tool they require to survive in this environment is education. As it is in many places, jobs are far more available to Ugandan citizens who have completed advanced levels of schooling. Education is their best chance to have dreams and make them come true.


We have enrolled all of our children in different schools in Entebbe, the best ones that we can afford in the area of Entebbe. We have made agreements with Nursery, Primary, and Secondary Schools to take our children to quality schools that align with our vision and our goals.
While each child is learning at his or her own pace, they all love going to school and even sing a special chant while riding there on the Malayaka House School Van… it goes: “We Go, We Go… Malayaka House We Go!”


We also understand that education does not stop when the children leave school. In support of continued progress, we have an in-house library, which serves as a quiet place to study and read, a reading program that a Learning Specialist in Vermont leads and follows, a music program on the weekends, and a computer room where the children learn IT. All of these give our kids important skills for their future.