Malayaka House (Coronavirus Update)

We just wanted to post an update and let everyone know how Malayaka House is handling this pandemic. Fortunately, our compound is set up perfectly to “weather the storm,” with multiple play and learning areas, a library and tech lab, two newly-renovated kitchens to feed our large family, and a

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Patricia Goes to School!

Despite heated debates in recent years as to the state of the U.S. education system, we are generally quite fortunate. Most Americans have access to a high level of free public education. For many countries in the developing world, including Uganda, public schools often have dirt floors and are lacking

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Malayaka House Literacy Program

Literacy is both an important life skill and a form of human connection. It is one important way that we learn about the world and our place in it. We believe that each child should receive skilled, individualized instruction in reading and writing so that they can pursue their dreams

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