Our small Businesses are thriving. They have not only helped to train the children, but also to generate revenue and enrich our relationships with other members of the local community who we now serve as customers.

Our goal is to be financially sustainable one day. Currently, we rely on donations and other sources of funding to care for, house, and educate our children. We have a long way to go, but with the success of Pizza Night, Bobo’s Coffee, a baking business, and our craft businesses, we are well on our way.

Our plan is to one day hand this project off to some of the older children, who will then be in their 20s, 30s, and 40s, to continue running a successful home, businesses, vocational training organization, and community-based farming system. We want Malayaka House to serve the community into the future. Our model will not only help the children who continue to call Malayaka House home, but also many members of the local community.


A sweet, refurbished safari vehicle that we call “stretch”, has become our best travel colleague. Malayaka House Safaris has the capacity to be a significant source of income for our project and an excellent training program that will become a small business for many of our boys and girls. Safari guides are in-demand in Uganda and we will be able to train our children valuable skills and create well paying jobs, promoting the beautiful country that Uganda is.


Our Pizza Nights are famous in Entebbe and we have developed a more professional business by moving the restaurant to another area, independent from the children’s space. When all is ready, we will call it Carol’s Kitchen and it will be a culinary institute, which will serve as the main hub for our Pizza Night restaurant. Carol’s Kitchen will include a more varied menu, and we will also sell pre-made products to take home.

It will serve as a training facility for our kids and for those in the local community who wish to learn the culinary arts.


In 2012, an American volunteer started Bobo’s Coffee to benefit Malayaka House. Bobo’s Coffee US imports Ugandan beans, then roasts, packages, and ships them to adoring customers all over the country. In 2013, we decided to start a branch of Bobo’s Coffee in Uganda. As Ugandans themselves are culturally tea drinkers, the majority of the country’s high-quality coffee gets exported. However, coffee consumption is growing in popularity among younger Ugandans, and there is a large expat community that appreciates good coffee. So, we ship some of our beans to the US for Bobo’s Coffee US, and we keep some here for Bobo’s Coffee Uganda. We sell Bobo’s Coffee at Pizza Night, to several guest houses, hotels and restaurants in Entebbe.